Mission & Vision

Economic Development Vision

The Center for Support of Economic Development (CSED) at the Anderson School of Management is dedicated to New Mexico's economic development through wealth generation and high-paying job creation. Lead by Dr. Sul Kassicieh, Distinguished Professor and Anderson School Endowed Chair in Economic Development, CSED partners with business leaders and entrepreneurs to assist them in meeting their goals while at the same time preparing our students to be our state's next generation of business visionaries.

Areas of study and outreach activities fostered by CSED provide rewarding opportunities for students, faculty, policymakers, and business community members to come together in mutual partnership. The center encourages Anderson School of Management students to undertake a clinical approach through experiential learning projects which bring real-world experience into the classroom and help retain our finest scholars. Students directly support the business community in market research, financial projections, general business planning, new technology adoption, and public investment research. Students are also encouraged to become entrepreneurs themselves, building and growing the innovative businesses which will propel our economy forward. Faculty members offer consulting services in their areas of expertise, enhancing the knowledge base available to area businesses. By involving elected representatives and economic development professionals in its activities, the Center for Support of Economic Development strengthens relationships with state and federal policy makers and civic organizations to advance an improving quality of life in New Mexico.

CSED & New Mexico

The Center for Support of Economic Development (CSED) at the UNM Anderson School of Management promotes understanding and application of New Mexico's capabilities with the aim of growing the state's prosperity across geographical and cultural boundaries. New Mexico has many comparative advantages (favorable climate, natural beauty, abundant energy reserves) and competitive advantages (two national laboratories, three major research universities, four military establishments, and an expanding sector of high-tech startup firms) that bode well for our future growth. CSED's activities and initiatives help to leverage these advantages into better jobs and higher living standards for all New Mexicans.

By actively engaging Anderson School personnel in partnerships with business community members and economic development advocates, CSED fosters entrepreneurial activity and serves as a liaison between UNM and organizations such as Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC), Albuquerque Economic Development (AED), the New Mexico Angels, venture capital firms, state and federal policy makers, and many others whose job is to shepherd innovation and discovery into commercial ventures.

Coursework in Management of Technology (MOT) and Entrepreneurial Studies at Anderson teach students the skills they need to generate and analyze many types of information, including but not limited to:

  • Future market forecasts
  • Sustainable development models
  • Informed policy generation
  • Economic development research
  • Technology commercialization planning
  • Entrepreneurial business planning

CSED also acts as a gateway for connecting community members with Anderson faculty serving as professional consultants. Consulting is a time-honored and frequent activity of faculty throughout U.S. research universities, a practice which informs business decisions and economic policy making based on state-of-the-art management expertise, thus accelerating economic development within New Mexico.