Research & Consulting Services

Research Presentations for Policy Makers and Economic Development Partners

The Center for Support of Economic Development sponsors receptions at which graduate students present their research results to state and federal legislators and other policy makers.

Recently, graduate students completed research based on the following scenario: "The State of New Mexico has hired you as a consultant to examine whether it should invest in a particular area of technology as part of its economic development activity. Should New Mexico undertake investment in this area? If so, what reasoning supports this conclusion? If not, why not?" Resulting research presentations addressed the areas of water technologies, energy storage, cancer center development and radio isotopes, biomedical diagnosis, wind energy, solar energy, directed energy (lasers), genomic research, microsystems, nanotechnology, and bioMEMS.

Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting by Anderson Faculty Members may be undertaken for compensation in accordance with university policies and all applicable laws. Consulting is focused on a faculty member's area(s) of expertise and is arranged outside of his/her official position with the university. To inquire about faculty consulting, please fill out our online CSED Support Request Form.